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Carole Sbordone
Hi Sylvia! Finally registered on your site. Your images of nature continue to thrill and inspire me! I haven't painted much lately but hope to get back to it soon. I swear I can hear the animals communicating with you in these shots. Simply awesome. Thanks so much for sharing!
Doris Sharrock(non-registered)
Beautiful images Sylvia, you are certainly one with nature. It was nice seeing you yesterday and for the lovely owlette invitation. It's always a treat to see the baby birds and hang out with birding friends and acquaintances. Thanks for helping us find our way home...:)
Ruth Ritchey(non-registered)
I am so amazed at the infinitesimal moments that you have captured. Truly a gentle and heartfelt 'conspiring with nature'. Lovely work.
R. Donati
Dear Friend, Your Great Work is divinely Inspired! Hearts Thanks for Sharing Your Gift and bringing the Majesty of the Animal Kingdom to Light for Us...We need You and Your Loving Eyes!Keep Shining!!
Absolutely stunning photography. Your love for the creatures you capture is obvious. Thank you for sharing your love with us all.
My tail feathers are wagging.
Great Work, beautiful site, increasing skills inspired by Heart.
Terrific Sylvia. You are so talented and have a marvellous eye. Your photos are amazing! I know you are enjoying yourself as well. Keep up the great work!
Just amazing.
-stickrust / Albert
Snaggy Geek(non-registered)
This collection absolutely blows me away! I'd like to buy some prints, but the pricing just isn't right... Each one of these is worth hundreds more! But seriously, this website is amazing.
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